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vera 10 To start with a disclaimer: This system’s name was not inspired by a beautiful woman. Shame, really. VERA simply stands for „Vertical Array“. The facts: VERA10 is a vertical line array speaker system created for events that require high-quality answers to the following requests: visual subtlety and compact dimensions, innovative output/size/weight ratios as well as quick and easy handling. Its other top priority, as put to us by many customers, is flexibility. We are very proud of the result. VERA 10’s spectacularly high output together with its extremely compact size and low weight means it will cover events from 10 to 10,000 visitors. The VERA system lineup also offers a range of speakers tailored very specifically to certain applications, but more of that later. We designed a new, dedicated 10“ neodymium speaker as the optimal combination of low and midrange driver just for VERA10. Combined with our compression chamber phase plug design it reaches an efficiency of more than 103 dB (1 W / 1 m). Our mid / high waveguide, which has undergone significant development, allows the also-new tweeters to form a coherent 10° vertical wavefront. This endows VERA10 with the high range headroom all vertical arrays need. Without those partial vibrations that usually increase dramatically at higher frequencies, distortion is minimal even above 8 kHz. The result: Crystal-clear highs, great speech intelligibility and depth differentiation in a system that excels in acoustically challenging surroundings. 
The mid-high horn with 80° horizontally coverage, developed using WaveFormer, is easy to exchange for a 120° element. 
Low weight and easy-to-use flyware mean you can build vertical arrays of up to 18 elements and still conform to German BGVC1 regulations. All necessary rigging parts except the RF300 flying frame are firmly attached to the cabinet, making them virtually unlosable. 
Thanks to its pronounced low frequency performance, VERA10 can be used without additional sub woofers for many applications. VERA S15 and VERA S30 subwoofers are available where stronger bass output is required. Of these, S15 subwoofers with their flying systems integrate especially well with VERA10, offering a visually subtle bass extension when flown above or stacked below the tops where floor space for woofers is unavailable. A quick word on VERA’s comprehensive and sophisticated range of accessories; they make transport, rigging and daily use incredibly easy. For example, our VERA DL10 dolly allows you to store and transport up to 24 VERA10 modules while only taking up the space of an ordinary Euro pallet(800x1200mm).
You were told line arrays could only be flown, not stacked? Not ours! The RF300 rigging frame doubles as a stacking frame. For even more usability, our GF10 ground frame offers horizontally and vertically adjustable feet. You want to use two or three elements on a tripod as a small event sound system? No problem at all; that’s what the SF10 small frame is for. Inverted, an SF10 also allows you to hang as many as 3 elements from a half-coupler.
Now that’s what we call intelligent. Technical Data:

Drivers 1 x 10″ LF / 2 x 1″ HF
Frequency range 60 – 15000 Hz
Power capacity programm / peak:
500 / 1000 W biamped LF 200 / 400 W biamped HF
600 / 1200 W, with internal cross-over passiv
16 ohms biamped LF 16 ohms biamped HF
12 ohms passiv
Coverage range (h x v) 80° or 120 ° x 10°
Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m
103 dB biamped LF 112 dB biamped HF
104 dB passiv
SPLmax / 1 m / peak 133 dB
Dimensions (h x w x d) 275 x 500 x 355 mm
Weight 16,9 kg / 18 kg with passive crossover
Finish polyurethane coating
Accessoires H120, CaseV10, DL10, RF300, GF10, SF10
Options PWVERA10 internal passive crossover switchable bet- ween active and passive mode, RAL colours