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Certainly this speaker is not one of those that you will see in every corner. Indeed because of this our VERA L24 is an extraordinary product, and a further important component in the TW AUDiO building kit principle. Because the new VERA L24 is a low –mid extension specially developed for our VERA10 Line Array System. Fitted with two 12 inch speakers the hybrid construction of the casing combines once again the advantages of bass reflex and horn design. The acoustic pressure produced in this way is extensively coupled to the ambient air and supports our VERA10 in the low range between 70 and 400 Hz with enormous punch. So the VERA System is even more flexible and can be provided with the necessary final pressure in any situation. As expected our L24 has the same rigging material and is therefore as high as two VERA10 elements. Therefore this speaker can be integrated in any VERA system very easily. Whether it is flown or placed it is always unconcerned, and always with the same hardware. But what is it like in practice? An example? Normally you use a VERA-SYS-ONE and use it to PA the majority of your events. For small jobs you could possibly place two VERA10’s on an S30 on either side with the help of an SF10 and distance rods. For example larger PA’s can be realised effortlessly with a second VERA-SYS-ONE from a colleague . But when to use L24? Simple: whenever you want to equip your system with significantly more low-mid power. Extend your line length in the low-mid area and therefore more low-mid energy can be transferred over larger distances. Our VERA10 is well known for having large power reserves in the high range area. And with the L24 these reserves can also be used in smaller arrays. In this way e.g. three VERA10 elements can be fitted with significantly noticeable root and punch up to 60Hz with the help of just one L24. Even four to five VERA10’s will experience distinct growth using just one L24. But it is not only possible to integrate it into an array of VERA10’s. For larger events for example an array of six L24’s can be used directly next to an array of twelve VERA10’s. The upwardly slanted casing of the L24 even allows a curving which can be adjusted harmoniously to the VERA10 array. In this mode of operation the VERA10 array can also be filtered in higher and therefore further relived in the root. This creates even more headroom. If you also add our new BSX subwoofer as a bass addition, you can get an idea of the expected performance of this fully active four way system. Of course some people will be asking themselves about the need for such a building kit principle. For those who just handle one type of event which never changes, it can be more sensible to buy one, large line array system. For everyone else, who are looking for the most possible flexibility, our VERA speakers offer fantastic combination possibilities. That is a system to PA 10 to 10,000 people. And to be honest: who doesn’t need that kind of flexibility these days?


Drivers 2 x 12″ LF
Frequency range 63 – 400 Hz
Power capacity programm / peak:
1300 / 2600 W
8 Ohm
Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m
102 dB
SPLmax / 1 m / peak 135 dB
Connectors 2 Speakon NL4, Pin2 connected
Dimensions (h x w x d) 550 x 500 x 560 mm
Weight 30,7 kg
Finish Polyurea coating
Accessoires DL24, RF300, GF10
Options RAL colours