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An appropriate headline to describe M10, our new multi-functional loudspeaker. We wouldn’t be TW AUDiO if we’d just gone and built a run-of-the-mill ten-inch box, after all. Instead we spent considerable time developing, testing and optimizing a product that combines the advantages of M8 with the power of M12. What we’ve ended up with is a unique product that is more powerful, more compact and even more versatile. M10 shares family strong points such as an M12-derived trapezoidal, asymmetrical cabinet design equipped with our usual grab handles and air-cargo tracks. Left and right cabinet versions mean paired couples of M10 can be used for high-quality monitoring applications, e.g. as floor monitors laid out in opposing symmetry with HF horns at both ends. Tight spaces don’t bother M10, which inherits M8’s compact design and quartet of perfectly placed cable terminals. As always, an extensive list of add-on equipment boosts adjustability and flexibility. It features the SBM10 swivel bracket, for example. Taking inspiration from SBM12, it gets the same tool-free, easy mounting mechanism. No fiddling with easy-to-lose small parts; just click it into place and go. M10’s 75 x 50 degree mid-high horn, which provides precise and tightly controlled radiation, also finds its blueprint in M12’s BEM-optimized model. The horn is rotatable by 90 degrees, should the need arise. There’s more. M12 was the benchmark for M10 in terms of SPL and distortion. M10 therefore features a powerful 1.4 inch HF driver, which enables the separation frequency to be set extraordinarily low for great directness. Certainly a stand-out feature in this class of speaker. But what good would outstanding, powerful mid-high rendition be without the equivalent low-mid punch? This is where the newly-developed 10-inch chassis comes into play. An extended voice coil and powerful neodymium magnet for extra long, linear throw allow M10 to strike the perfect balance between those highs and lows. It will hold that balance, even when the going gets wild. Separating the two channels is an integrated passive crossover, as per usual. With standard, non-controlled amplification in mind, it is phase coherent and character-optimized. That means M10 can be combined with any other TW AUDiO loudspeaker, including but not limited to M8 or M12. But what exactly makes M10 unique? It is the ability to perform in both M8 and M12’s range of operation. The best of both worlds; where an eight-inch speaker falls short by size or lack of directness, M10 delivers. And where a twelve-inch box’s footprint is too large but high output levels and low distortion is essential, M10 fills the gap. A main speaker combined with a passively or actively separated subwoofer, a full-range speaker, a compact monitor with power to spare. Barely visible, but amazingly audible, M10 comes into its own whenever a small shape and big, unmissable sound are of the essence. Technical Data:

Drivers 1 x 10″ / 1 x 1,4″ HF
Frequency range 68 – 19000Hz
Power capacity programm / peak:
600 / 1200 W
8 Ohm
Coverage range (h x v) 75° x 50° HF-Horn, drehbar
Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m
97 dB
SPLmax / 1 m / peak 128 dB
Connectors 4 Speakon NL4, Pin1 belegt
Dimensions (h x w x d) 505 x 300 x 280 mm
Weight 14 kg
Finish Warnex Strukturlack
Accessoires SBM10, BagM10, CaseM10
Options linke und rechte Version RAL Farben