TS series
A series
A 1

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Universal small speaker, for high quality music and speech reproduction. 3xM10 mounting points provide for easy installation. The A1 is also available as TR-version with 100V conductor. view details
00210 (passive version) 00210/TR (TR-Version with 100V conductor)

A 2

Small but strong HiMid system for permanent installations, fairs, clubs, bars etc. The classic 2×6.5”/1” combination leads to a very clear reproduction of voices. Prepared for use with a flying shackle. The A2 is also available as TR-version with 100V conductor. view details
00230/16 (passive version) 00230/16/TR (TR-Version with 100V conductor)

A 3

Combined with the heavy-duty 1” driver/horn, the 2×8” low-mid drivers guarantee high precision, especially in the mid/high range. With these features the A3 offers excellent speech intelligibility and high audio output. view details00240

A 4

Multifunctional compact 10“/1“ cabinet. Neodym drivers for low weight. Good bass reproduction even without controller. Various mounting points for easy installation. The system is also available as AF4 for permanent installation. view details00250 (passive version)
view details00250/AF (passive version for permanent installation)

A 6

Multifunctional 12“/1“ cabinet with very linear sound reproduction for use as high quality Fullrange/HiMid unit as well as in monitor applications. The brand new rotatable 1” DPC (= Dual Pattern Control) horn keeps its dispersion of 90×60 degrees over a wide frequency range. The A6 can also be ordered as selfpowered dp-version with an 1000 Watt amplifier, controlled by a DSP. The system is also available as AF6 for permanent installation. view details00260 (passive version)
view details00260/dp (selfpowered version, 1.0 kW)
view details00260/AF (passive version for permanent installation)

A 8

Multifunctional 15“/1“ cabinet with high-level broadband sound characteristics. With performance similar to A6, but with profound bass response, the A8 is an universal fullrange sound tool. The system is also available as AF8 for permanent installation. view details00270 (passive version)
view details00270/AF (passive version for permanent installation)

A1 Sub / A1 Sub dc

Subwoofer extension for the A1. The 12” long-excursion chassis utilises a double band-pass cabinet, ensuring punchy and very deep bass response. 8xM8 mounting points for installation. Optionally available as dc-version for satellite operation. view details
00220 (passive version) 00220/dc (version with 2 x 4 Ohm and passive x-over)

A8 Sub

15” Sub-extension for A8. Connectable crossover for passive operation. Large, low-loss bass reflex chambers and the Neodym chassis with 100mm voice coil ensure exceptionally punchy and powerful bass response down to a lower cut-off frequency of 40Hz. view details00280