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B 18

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The B18 is a real dream child. What started us off with developing the B18 was all the things that our customers have been asking for a long time – and now it’s here.
Of course the possibilities are endless when you’re designing an 18“ bass speaker. We rejected most designs from the get-go and gave a few others a thorough testing in prototypes.
And what has emerged is the One, the very special One!
We knew from the start that our new B18 must be capable of full integration into our systems concept, from its compact dimensions to its light weight right through to the typical TW AUDiO details, such as stacking feet and matching recesses, optimally-positioned handles and the right accessories.
And the sound? For many years it was thought that 18-inchers lack controlled and defined impulse reproduction.
But times have changed, and a lot has happened in chassis development. So our new B18 sounds astoundingly tight and yet deep. That makes it ideal, like our 15 inch subs, as universal subwoofer in conjunction with any of our tops. All this is what makes the B18 fit in harmoniously as a true new member of the TW AUDiO family of products.

Technical Data:

Drivers 1 x 18″
Frequency range 32 – 160 Hz
Power capacity programm / peak:
2400 / 4800 W
8 Ohm
Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m
97 dB
SPLmax / 1 m / peak 132 dB
Connectors 2 Speakon NL4, Pin2 belegt
Dimensions (h x w x d) 606 x 506 x 800 mm
Weight 38 kg
Finish Warnex Strukturlack
Accessoires FDB18, QDB18, CoverB18
Options RAL Farben