Wireless Mic


DAX Series:

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This model is available in two models – 4ch (DAX-1000 II) and 2ch (DAX-850 II). You can select the model based upon the size of a room or the audio system architecture. These ampliers make sound quality softer and deeper and more natural. This is one of the great characteristic of analog amplier. Stereo Echo Mixer is used to get a deep echo sound that swings not only left/right but also front/back.

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DAX-1000 II

  • Max Output Power:200W × 4CH (8, EIAJ )
  • Main pitch degree:13degrees ±3.0DSP
  • Audio Input:3 systems (KARAOKE, DVD, BGM )
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DAX-850 II

  • Max Output Power:200W × 2CH (8, EIAJ )
  • Main pitch degree:13degrees ±3.0DSP
  • Audio Input:3 systems (KARAOKE, DVD, BGM)
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DAR Series:

The amplier uses exclusive device to get 95% or higher eciency of power conversion to reduce heat generation. Improved consolidation ratio reduced the number of parts. Consequently, noise and the inuence of background noise have been cut down dramatically. The use of BTL connection enables the amplier to be used as a high power amplier (BTL Power: 360Wx2ch).

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DAR-800 II

  • Max Output Power:150W × 4CH (8, EIAJ) : 4CH composition / 360W × 2CH (8, EIAJ) : BTL 2CH composition
  • Main pitch degree:13degrees ± 3.0DSP
  • Audio Input:5 systems (KARAOKE, DVD, AUX, BGM, TAPE)
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